Aaron, Photo: Jive

About Aaron

Name:Aaron Charles Carter
Nicknames:Airboy, A.C.
Birthday:December 07, 1987
Birthplace:Tampa General Hospital, Florida
Residence:Florida, Los Angeles (Until 1998: Ruskin, Florida)
Parents:Jane Carter, "Bob" Robert Carter
Brother:Nick (23) Member Of The Backstreet Boys
Sisters:Angel (16) Aaron's Twin Sister - 1 Minute Older,
Lesley, "B.J." Bobbie Jean
Current Height:1,74 Metres
Colour Of His Hair:Blond
Colour Of His Eyes:Brown
Hobbies:Playing Saxophone, Swimming, Basketball, Baseball,
Playing Video Games, Collecting Ninja Turtles
Fave Subjects In School:Math, Music
Fave Baseball-Team:Oakland Athletics
Favourite Bands:The Backstreet Boys (His Fave Is Nick), *NSYNC
Favourite Actor:Sylvester Stallone
Favourite Movies:Ninja Turtles, Part 1-3
Favourite Food:Pizza (But He Hates Pizza With Corn)
Favourite Drink:Sprite
Favourite Cars:Porsche, BMW
Pets:Several Dogs And Cats

Aaron, Photo: Edel

Story Of Success

Aaron Started Singing At The Age Of 6 (In The Bathtub)
When He Was 7 Years Old He And A Few Classmates Were
Forming A Band, Called Dead End (Music: Rock/Alternative)
They Were Playing At The Pier And At Several Coffee Houses
But In 1996 The Boys Were Breaking Off The Band
Aaron Was Taking Singing Lessons At A Rock School
On A Talent Award At School He Reached The Second Place
In March 1997 Aaron Was Having His First Real Big Performance
On A Concert Of The Backstreet Boys In Berlin - A Big Surprise
In August/September 1997 He Was On A Big Tour With Them
When Aaron Is Travelling The World He Always Is Accompanied
By Mom & Manager Jane, Sometimes By Other Family Members
He Has A Private Tutor And Even A Bodyguard
On Stage Aaron Is Supported By Dancers

Aaron, Photo: Edel

Aaron Was On Tour In Germany In April 1998,
In May He Was In The UK, And In Summer In The US
In Germany He Was On Tour Again In June 1998
And On A Christmas Tour In November/December 1998
On April 18, 1998 Aaron Was Modeling For The
Mail Order Company "Quelle" And Was Featured In Their
"Euro Kids" Catalogue (Including A Poster)

Euro Kids

Since August 1997 Aaron Released The Singles
Crush On You
Crazy Little Party Girl
I'm Gonna Miss You Forever
Surfin' USA
Shake It
His Great Self-Titled Debut Album
Aaron Carter
He Was Part Of The BRAVO All Stars Charity Song
Let The Music Heal Your Soul
And Of The "Hand In Hand For Children" Charity Song
Children Of The World
After A Break Aaron Was Featured On The Soundtrack
To The First "Pokémon" Movie With The Song
(Have Some) Fun With The Funk
Since His Return In 2000 He Released The Singles
Aaron's Party (Come Get It)
I Want Candy
That's How I Beat Shaq
Not Too Young, Not Too Old
Leave It Up To Me
The Albums
Aaron's Party (Come Get It)
Oh Aaron
Another Earthquake!
Most Requested Hits
He's Featured On The Soundtracks To The Movies
The Princess Diaries
Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius
And On The "Disneymania" Compilation With The Song
I Just Can't Wait To Be King

Aaron, Photo: Jive

Aaron Carter - This Great Guy Already Is A Big Star
And He Creamed Off Tons Of Awards