July 23, 2002

After The New UK Single Just Didn't Appear On Its Release Date
It Was Now Postponed To July 22 (But Seems To Be Unavailable
Again) And The New US Album Was Postponed To September 03

July 09, 2002

The Title "Another Earthquake!" And Release Date August 20 For
Aaron's 4thcoming New Album Are Now Provisionally Announced

While The New European Single "Not Too Young, Not Too Old"
Wasn't Released In Germany (Yet?), It Should Have Been Out In
The UK Now, Although It Also Doesn't Seem To Be Available Yet

Aaron Performed A Duet With The Country Music Singer Kayla
On The July 4th Celebrations Show At The Capitol In Washington

June 25, 2002

The "Jimmy Neutron" DVD Is Coming Out On July 02 In The USA,
Besides The Movie Soundtrack Featuring Songs By Aaron, The
Disc Is Also Including The "Leave It Up To Me" Music Video And
A "Making Of" As Extras (Behind The Scenes And Interview With
Aaron Featured In The "Making Of" When Shown On TV, Might
Also Be On The Disc). German DVD Release Date: November 07

June 15, 2002

Not Many News Lately. A Low Number Of Aaron's 3rd Album Was
Secretly Released In Germany Without Any Attempt Of Promotion,
So Only Big Fans Noticed It. Press And TV Rarely Mention Aaron

The Single "Not Too Young, Not Too Old" Is Now Announced In
The UK For July 08, 2002 (Again No Date Set For Germany Yet)

Aaron's 4th Album Is On The Way, It Might Get An American And
Asian Release In Late August Already (August 20/21). The Album
Title And American Release Date Aren't Officially Confirmed Yet...

March 12, 2002

German "Oh Aaron" Album Probably Coming Out On April 15 And
US-DVD "Oh Aaron: Live In Concert" Postponed To March 26...

February 11, 2002

New DVD "Oh Aaron: Live In Concert" Announced For March 19

In Spring 2002 Aaron Might Come To Europe For A Short Visit To
Release A Single And His 3rd Album (Single "Leave It Up To Me"
And Album "Oh Aaron" Announced In The UK For April 2002. No
Release Dates Available For Germany Yet, Possibly March/April)