The Video Clips


Crush On You

Title:Crush On You
Date:June 14, 1997
Place:Sherman Oaks Recreation Park,
Los Angeles
Director:Lionel C. Martin
Cast:Nick Carter, David And Jared Morse,
Vanessa Miller (13), Sara Sharrar (10)
Story:Aaron Trying To Impress An Older Girl
He Has A Crush On... Getting Advice
By His Brother Nick At The Beginning

Crazy Little Party Girl

Title:Crazy Little Party Girl
Date:October 30/31, 1997
Place:Blackmore Mountain/Whistler,
Vancouver (Canada)
Director:A. Calzatti
Cast:Mandy (13), Snowboarder: Adam (12)
Story:Aaron Having A Party In A Wooden
Hut And Fun In The Snow (AaronŽs
First Time Seeing Snow...)

IŽm Gonna Miss You Forever

Title:IŽm Gonna Miss You Forever
Date:January 13, 1998
Place:Sherridan Forest/Tampa, Florida
Director:Lionel C. Martin
Cast:Shauna Vatovec (10)
Story:Aaron Being Sad About His Girlfriend
Moving To Another Town

Shake It

Title:Shake It
Date:January 14, 1998
Place:"Last Stage Out Of Town" Studio,
Tampa/Orlando, Florida
Director:Lionel C. Martin
Cast:Angel Carter, 95 South
Story:Aaron Introducing A New Dance And
Doing A Dance Competition

Let The Music Heal Your Soul

Title:Let The Music Heal Your Soul
Date:April 20/21, 1998
Cast:ŽN SYNC, Backstreet Boys, Scooter,
The Moffatts, Gil, The Boyz, Sqeezer,
Mr. President, Bluemchen, Touche,
RŽNŽG, Marcel Romanoff
Story:BRAVO All Stars Singing For Charity

SurfinŽ USA

Title:SurfinŽ USA
Date:April 29, 1998
Place:Nicholas Canyon Beach/Malibu,
Los Angeles
Director:Lionel C. Martin
Cast:Stephanie (21)
Story:Aaron On The Beach In An Funny
"Baywatch" Scenario