The First Album


"Swing It Out"

Music & Lyrics: Veit Renn, Jolyon Skinner

Swing It Out


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Swing It Out

You stood out amongst the crowd and I was left without a doubt
that you were ment for me
So romanced was I by you, one dance and then I knew
that I could fall in love - oh yeah

Swing - swing it out - swing it out
Swing it baby let me know that you mean what you say
when you swing it all the way
Now baby - swing it out

I have never known before a girl I wanted more,
the way I want you now
I admit you are the best and with you I am obsessed
and could never do without

I, I like to watch you when you dance and tonight,
donīt you make any other plans unless youīre making
them with me

Veit Renn Also Produced Songs For īN SYNC