The First Album


"Iīm Gonna Miss You Forever"

Music & Lyrics: Gary Carolla

Iīm Gonna Miss You Forever


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Iīm Gonna Miss You Forever

Iīm gonna miss you forever
Iīm gonna miss you girl
Gonna miss you girl

I always think about you
All the time youīre on my mind
We play together you and I
I canīt believe that itīs true
That now I have to see you leave
Youīre the only one for me

My girlfriend
My best friend
I donīt wanna see you go, I just wanna let you know
That I have a crush on you
I canīt wait no longer girl to say what I feel

The first time that I saw you
I knew it from the very start
You had a place deep in my heart

I canīt believe that itīs true
Now itīs time for you to leave
And baby I just canīt believe

You and me together, girl Iīll wait forever
Itīs only a matter of time (cause)